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The Editor

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Haqiqat Magazine
AfghanTimes.com special report. Decmeber 23th  2006.The Afghan Christian Media (www.afghanmedia.com) announced today the launch of long awaited Magazine in the Dari Language for Afghanistan.
Haqiqat which used to be the Afghan Christian Radio called Haqiqat. The Magazine is gospel oriented and is contributed by the Afghan Christians World-Wide. The Editor of Haqiqat Magazine told Afghan Times from Europe that this Magazine's purpose is the lead people to the Truth of the Gospel and to Strengthen those who have come to know the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Magazine includes, Bible Teachings, Poems, Stories of Afghan Christians and a lot more.

The Online Edition of the Magazine is published from the United States and is powered by the AfghanHost.com.

To Read Haqiqat Magazine Now, Click Here: www.haqiqat.com

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وبسايت های افغان
- صفحه نخست
- جستجوگر
- تلويزيون
- مجله گندم
- چرا مسيحی شدم؟
- راه نجات

Afghan Times
The Afghan Times is a part of the Afghan Christian Fellowship in the United States of America Voicing the Voice of the Afghan Christians.


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