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Abdul Rahman is free but what about other Afghan Christians?
AfghanTimes.com special report. March 28th 2006

Abdul Rahman, the Afghan Christian convert from Islam is freed from pule-charkhi prison and according to Afghan Department of Justice.

The minister of justice Mr. Sarwar Danish said in a statement: "I can confirm that he was released, He is not in detention. I do not know if he is with his family or where, but he has been acquitted of charges"

The Afghan Christians in the US and Canada welcomed the release of Abdul Rahman. " We want to thank the international community who raised their voices of concern regarding our brother Abdul Rahman." Said Hussain Andaryas an Afghan Christian leader in the United States.

The release of Abdul Rahman now raises the question of other Afghan Christians inside and outside Afghanistan. Mr. Andaryas said; "Rahman has been released on account of insanity, is a way out politically for the new-born democracy." Andaryas continued;  "We are thankful for the United States and the ISAF troops for librating Afghanistan from the tyranny of Taliban but the current government has done nothing to secure the rights of individuals to choose a religion other then Islam."

"There are thousands of Afghan Christian right now in Afghanistan and they are afraid that there will be a backlash against them. They are not mad, they don't have mental problems, they come from wide offices of life like Doctors, Engineers, Politicians, Teachers, Farmers. What about them? How can the United Nations, United States, the Afghan Government assure the world that other Afghan Christians will not be labeled as mad?" Mr. Andaryas continued saying, "It is as if we live 2000 years back when Jesus Christ our Lord was called insane and you can read it in John's gospel chapter 10."

"The time has come for the world and Afghanistan to accept the Afghan Christians as a reality because there are thousands of Afghan Christian inside and outside of Afghanistan." Said Mr. Andaryas.

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وبسايت های افغان
- صفحه نخست
- جستجوگر
- تلويزيون
- مجله گندم
- چرا مسيحی شدم؟
- راه نجات

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