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The Editor

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A Church in Ali Abad Kabul
AfghanTimes.com March 27 from AfghanTimes.com reporter in Kabul. (Caleb of Kabul)

A professor in Kabul university said yesterday that it would be civilized if
the government leave the guy alone.

Question: what do you mean by "civilized"

Answer: we would be able to say, we live in 21st century. We can proudly
be called ourselves afghan.


Question: if he is out of prison, what would be the top thing you are
thankful to?

Answer: I think I would be able to establish good friendship with the
"kharejees" we can proudly go to other countries and won't be ashamed from
our nationality.

Question: Do you think he is mad?

Answer: A crazy would come out and say he is mad! He is not a mad man. He
actually stated what he wanted to say better than many people that I
know... even our students who study "Adabyat"


Question: what would be local reaction about what the government decided
to let him go?

Answer: let's wait for Friday.


Question: Friday! Why Friday?

Answer: Because the mullahs will encourage people to go out.


Question: Are you proud of it? I think it contradicts the claim of "Islam
is a religion of peace?"

Answer: Let's not go there.


Question: Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?

Answer: I think, I think you should ask this from a mullah! (He laughed)


Question: I never heard of any other religion that once you listen to the
Friday preaching, then you would go out and burn, kill and destroy? Have
you heard of any? Sorry that I am kind of bold, but you need to help me,

Answer: (He laughs) I don't think others practice on Fridays! (He laughs
again) I don't know (Caleb) (obviously he doesn't want to talk about it)


Question:  What do you think they should do with him once he is out?

Answer: We will wait and see what will happen! I don't think they would
listen to me (ha - ha - ha)


Question: Do you think that we would have more cases like this after this

Answer: I think so. If he remains alive... then people (Christian) would
come out of their holes... and if he is taken out of the country... then
believe it or not we would have more Christian mullahs!


He continues, "Then, you would see that we would have more and more mad
man in Afghanistan ... (a nice smile on his face...) i bet the justice
ministry would be packed up with crazy (madman) files of Christians....
(Again he laughs) ... we will run out of crazy people in this land! :)

We would not need Ali Abad mental hospital after this.

My answer (jokingly), so do you think we should start a church in Ali Abad?

We also talked a little bit about the hope and future for Afghanistan. As
I left the professor and coming back... a smile of hope was obvious
seeing the children of different ages having their school bugs and walking
in and out of their schools!

The hope rises in the New Afghanistan. Everyday in every way, it's
getting better and better.

IN His service,

Copyright © 2006
All Rights Reserved


وبسايت های افغان
- صفحه نخست
- جستجوگر
- تلويزيون
- مجله گندم
- چرا مسيحی شدم؟
- راه نجات

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Copyright © 2006
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