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The Editor

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AfghanTimes.com March 25from AfghanTimes.com reporter in Kabul. (Caleb of Kabul)

"let this man go. He will die at the end anyway - if government won't kill him, they will kill him after he is out of prison."

I watched TV last night and it was shocking when I heard people saying
that Rahman should die. But then I noticed after my few talks with people.
It's a clear matter that Afghanistan is very family based culture. People,
would never come across to a TV camera and say, "let Rahman go" You would
never hear it if you have a camera or a microphone in your hand. They are
afraid that they will be blamed of becoming a (MORTAD) Just like what
happened to Ali Mohaqiq who wrote an article and was accused of blasphemy
(even though he is a Islamic scholar and a devoted Muslim)

The good way to get people's idea is through relationship. Once they feel
comfortable talking to you, they will tell you that it's not okay. Come
on, we have murderers going up and down the streets of Kabul. Rahman is
just loving the Lord. BAS. He didn't killed Afghans. He didn't kill them
in the name of what he believes. He loves his daughters. What a dad!

Today was a big day here. The first day of school in Kabul! It was crowded
with little children going to school and you could see several lines of
students waiting.

I talked to this guy from Kabul university. He said, "I know that
according Islam he should die. He said "NO" to Islam and he must die. BUT
for now, since things are very complicated about this situation, we need
to get rid of him and send him out of Afghanistan." It's good for
Afghanistan and for the people. He said, "it is good for the Islamic
world" too. NOT killing him will cause good things for Afghanistan. Donor
countries will not give up on Afghanistan.

In my question that if the government kill this guy, what is the different
between Afghanistan 3 years ago and now.
He said, "Trust me that if they kill him. They will dig their graves with
shier own hands."

In my question that by killing Rahman, can you claim that Islam is a
religion of peace. He nodded and said, "I don't know!"

Finally he said, "let this man go. He will die at the end anyway - if
government won't kill him, they will kill him after he is out of prison."

My suggestion is that please make sure that we, Christians, should not be
satisfied if they release of our brother saying that he is a mad man.

Copyright © 2006
All Rights Reserved


وبسايت های افغان
- صفحه نخست
- جستجوگر
- تلويزيون
- مجله گندم
- چرا مسيحی شدم؟
- راه نجات

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Copyright © 2006
All Rights Reserved by GMF

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